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Creating a home emergency kit - one of the 100 daily tasks from to keep your home under control easily

{Daily Task #64} – Home Emergency Kit

Task #64: What would you do in an emergency such as a power cut? Do you have a torch, candles etc… To hand? Create a box for an emergency kit right now – you’ll thank yourself for it when the next power cut happens!.

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Daily tasks week 13 from - tasks for each day of the week and a reward for the weekend!

Daily Organise Tasks – Week #13

Having just had the Easter holidays, I was on a mission to get lots of the little jobs done around the house that had built up over the weeks prior to the holidays – knowing that I would have a little more time. Theres something about getting a long list ticked off thats very pleasing […]

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Inbox declutter - daily task 56 from

{Daily Task #56} – Inbox Declutter

Task #56: Go through your inbox – email can be very draining – so spend a little time ensuring that everything in your inbox is something that needs your attention TO DO – file away emails you need to keep and DELETE THE REST

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Daily Tasks week 12 from organise my

Daily Organising Tasks – Week #12

3 months in now – week 12 and I hope you’re still going strong. This week I have been looking at taking stock in my own home. Taking a look at the overview in our lives and homes every so often is so important.

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