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daily tasks week 19

Daily Organising Tasks – Week #19

Where is the time going! – can you believe we are nearly at the finish line with these tasks now!? We are into June now – the weathers getting better (slowly…) and so it’s the perfect time to start slowing down a little more and to see the finish line for these tasks a little […]

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Daily Task 90 - Fix a problem - one of the daily task series from

{Daily Task #90} – Fix a problem

Take a look around your house – is there anything that you spend ages doing that could be done more quickly if you mended/fixed the issue (such as a door that sticks, a cupboard too full etc…) FIX IT!

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Store shoes heel to toe for more space - tip from

{Daily Task #88} – Heel to toe is the way to go!

Shoe storage can take up loads of room – a quick tip to try for your shoes is to store them in pairs, and each pair store heel to toe (so one is pointing each direction – see the picture below…) – so your task for today is to change the way your shoes are […]

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Weekly tasks #18 from

Daily Organising Tasks – Week #18

Week 18 – only 2 more to go after this and then you can have a VERY well deserved break! I’d love to know which of these tasks you have found the most useful to tackle over the past few months, and whether there are any others you would love to add to the list […]

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