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Can I get my messy house organised, and still be messy?


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messy houseThe simple answer – yes!

Surprisingly for some, messy houses can be organised, just like minimal houses can be disorganised.

Organisation is more about the functionality of the house rather than the aesthetics.

It ensures that everyone knows whats happening, where they should be and where everything is in the house.

You may well prefer to have a messier house – and this doesn’t necessarily need to change.

What is a messy house?

A messy house can be one of two things:-

1. One where things are out all over the place all the time.

This can be organised or not – you can have organised mess if you can find everything you need quickly and therefore it may be simply a personal choice as to how you want your home to look.

It functions perfectly for you and your family -so is organised to the level you need.

However, if it doesn’t function well for you, and you can never find things when you need them etc… – then its the level of mess thats hindering you being organised – thats when things may have to change.

2. A lived in home – where the day to day “stuff” accumulates.

This especially true in family life, where there are things everywhere.

But theres a difference between things being everywhere because thats how you prefer it, and things simply being messed up because they are out of place.

Whats the answer?

Creating a place for everything is key to being organised – and also accepting that sometimes things can slide if you have a busy day/week etc…

Its totally up to you where that place may be though – whether its out on surfaces and shelves rather than hidden away in cupboards and drawers – and thats the thing to really remember when getting organised.

Work with your way of life for better results

Organising is about working with your habits and personality and not against them – if you try and work against them too much you wil find that you naturally lose the desire to keep the systems in place.

The most organised of homes are organised because they have been set up to work with the habits of those within it.

So – if you love a more lived in home – and can’t stand the idea of going all minimal even though you’d love to be more organised – take the plunge and see that you can be organised without having to compromise on the look you love to love in.

One last thing….

Can i be organised but still messy?Interestingly though – once people start to get more and more organised, less mess is inevitable – as you will find that things start to have their own place in the home, and items can be found easily.

You may love to have everything out and visible (and more messy) – but you now might have coloured boxes to contain like items together, or baskets for things around the house.

Work with it, as things evolve – but always stay true to what you want from getting organised and you won’t go far wrong.

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