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Let's Start With A Plan...

Using The A.D.O.R.E Method (the pic below shows the order to follow), you'll see that Assess comes right at the start of things, because it makes sense to start with a plan for where you want to end up - whatever project you are tackling.

Planning out what you need to do before you start will reap its rewards – both in saved time AND energy.

Missing out this key section is how most people find that any attempts at organising fail – they will get organised for the short term, but it never lasts because they haven’t thought it all through in terms of exactly whats needed.

It's being proactive rather than reactive.


I find that asking as many questions as possible at the start makes sure that you get a good understanding of what’s required and how to achieve it before you actually start spending and money or wasting any time.

The 6 question words WHO, WHY, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW always come into play – and thinking of each one in turn can really focus your mind.

Ask yourself some the following questions for each area you want to get organised : -

  • WHO – Who will use it, who needs to access it, who is involved, who should be made aware of changes.
  • WHY – Why do I need this to get organised, why is this an issue at the moment.
  • WHAT – What currently works, What currently doesn’t work, What items are essential, What do I need it for, What has caused the disorganisation, What do I want to achieve (final result).
  • WHERE – Where is the best place for it.
  • WHEN – When will it be used, When did it work for you (if it ever did).
  • HOW – How will it be used?

All the time you want to be thinking about whether there is an easier way to do things, a way that could save time, energy and money - and that will help you with the decision making process.

Below, you'll find all the articles written about any aspect of planning and assessing things - and I hope these really help with whatever projects you're doing right now...

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