Are Your priorities moving you towards your goals?


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Todays world is going so fast it’s difficult to take time out to pin down exactly where you want to be heading in life – what your goals are and what your priorities are.

And, even if you do know what your goals are, how can you be sure that you’ll end up where you want to be?

This post is all about the need to become more aware that what you prioritise is where you will ultimately end up.

Are your priorities in line with your goals
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Priorities and goals

Priorities are things that you put first in your day to day life, and goals are places or aims you are heading for.

If your priorities do not help you on your way to your goals, it therefore stands to reason that you won’t actually get to where you want to be, so the two need to be entwined closely for us to be as happy with our lives as we can possibly be.

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What are your priorities?

Here are some ideas of what you may class as a priority in your life:-

  • Family
  • Husband
  • Children
  • Friends
  • Me Time
  • Work
  • Exercising
  • Healthy Eating

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What are your goals?

Goals are things that are S.M.A.R.T – see an earlier post I wrote for more details – but here are a few to be getting on with here:-

  • Date night for your and your husband each month
  • One on one time with each of your children daily/weekly
  • Starting to learn a new hobby
  • Starting a business

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How can the two work together well?

If you can, try and make sure that you constantly look at what you are spending time on each day/week – and see that you are prioritising whats imprtant to you while always heading towards your goals

Examples of priorities working towards your goals successfully:-

  • Priority is work – goal is to progress in your career
  • Priority is family – goal is to be a stay at home parent
  • Priority is children – goal is to spend one on one time with each child every day


You may find that some priorities don’t move you towards your goals – but being aware of this makes sense as then you may take longer to get to your ultimate goal, but you will have good reasons as to why.


Examples of priorities working towards your goals UNsuccessfully:-

  • Priority is staying home to raise your family – Goal is to progress in a career
  • Priority is work – but your goal is to start your own business
  • Priority is work – but your goal is to marry and have a family

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Learning to say NO

So – if you are understanding that your priorities ultimately affect whether you get your goals in life or not or how long it takes to get them – then you are halfway there.

The other half is to make sure you don’t fill your time with things that aren’t a priority to you.

Learning to say NO is a key skill in life that can help you find the time to work towards whatever you want in life – whether that be starting a business, spending more quality time with your family, helping others etc…..

Knowing what your goals are will help you to become more focused and will also find that saying NO to things that you don’t want or need to do becomes easier as you have a reason to do so.

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Priorities can change

Also – it’s worth noting here that priorities can change – life takes us in all sorts of directions, and having a review of where you currently are and where you are heading at least once a year will really help to ensure you don’t end up working towards goals, or prioritising things, that aren’t important any longer.

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Are your priorities in line with your goals? Maybe it's time to change them so they are....All of your goals and priorities may not be in line with each other – but recognising that fact will help you to be happier in your life.

If you can prioritise things that push you towards your goals then you will get there more quickly – but equally if you understand that you may have to wait a little longer because a priority has to change for now is just as empowering.

For example – you may want to start your own business, but having your first child makes them the priority. Understanding that you will be prioritising that away from starting a business at least for the short term will keep you happy as you will be aware of the fact, and not unhappy because you are not getting nearer to your goal.

So – anytime you add anything new to your schedule, it’s worth asking yourself whether you should make this a priority, whether it’s moving you towards or away from your goals – and whether you are happy with that.

What are your priorities and goals in life? Do they align with each other? Let me know in the comments below…


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