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It is almost impossible to put a timeframe on getting organised as a goal itself, and yet so many people have that exact wording as one of their new years resolutions.

Isn’t it amazing however that this seems to still be there for the next year and the next.

The reason?

You can’t measure a goal such as “I want to get organised” – Its just too vague to know where to begin and then you get stuck.

SMART goal setting


Organising is an ongoing process and develops and changes as your needs change – so trying to assess when you are fully organised is an impossible feat and you will never reach that goal unless you are more specific in what you want to achieve.

The trick with setting ANY goal in life is to make it easy to see where you are, when you’ve finished, and what it entails. That way you can see the wood for the trees!

Those of you who have ever worked in a business may have heard of SMART goals – which is where I first picked up on this method – and it works – it focuses your mind on what you want to achieve, and how you will get there. I hope it helps you as much as me!

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What does S.M.A.R.T stand for?

  • S is for – SPECIFIC – the Who, What, Where, Why and When
  • M is for – MEASURABLE – this means that you can judge when you have finished, and the steps to get there
  • A is for – ATTAINABLE – this is whether is is a goal that is possible for you to achieve – can you reach the end?
  • R is for – RELEVANT – Take a step back -is your goal worth reaching? Is it relevant and rewarding to your life, or just something you feel you have to do.
  • T is for TIME BASED / TANGIBLE – This is saying how long you want/need something to take, setting deadlines for the steps along the way – otherwise you can very easily end up drifting and letting things slide to the point where they get forgotten – you need the drive to get to your goals.

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An example of a S.M.A.R.T Goal

Lets go through an example to make it clear:-

My goal is to be on time for all appointments and meetings this month

Is this a SMART goal

  • It is Specific – ALL meetings
  • It is Measurable – I can write down against each meeting how early/late I was
  • It is Attainable – this is a reasonable goal and I can take it one day at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed
  • It is Relevant – I need to be more relaible in life so absolutely this is relevant to me currently
  • It is time based – A month is long enough to create the habit of being early for meetings as well as being specific.

So, by the end of this month, I can look back and check my results and give myself (hopefully) a pat on the back for a success.

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An example of a goal that’s NOT S.M.A.R.T

My goal is to be organised by next year

Is this S.M.A.R.T?

  • It is not specific – What do I class as organised?
  • It is not measurable – If I haven’t specified what organised means to me, how can I measure it?
  • It is not attainable – we have already discussed that being 100% organised is impossible for even the most organised of people
  • It is not relevant as its too vague – what do I want to get organised?
  • It is time based – by next year – but by exactly when next year, and how will I know when I am done?

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What about the others?

Obviously some goals are less cut and dry, and may tick some of the boxes but not all, but I hope that I have impressed on you the need to have all boxes ticked for your goal so that you have the best chance to get to where you want in life.

This system works for all goals, whether short term or long term, and helps to focus the mind on exactly what you want to achieve.

I hear so often people saying things like:-

I am going to get fit this year


I would love to start a business

but the reality is that they probably won’t get started or complete their goals as they aren’t S.M.A.R.T. Setting steps and time limits will focus your mind and help you stay on track, and theres nothing more motivating than knowing you are getting somewhere and working towards something in life.

If you can specify your goals clearly you are much more likely to be able to achieve them and stay motivated to get there. Think about when you lose weight or get fit – if you set a weight goal or train for a marathon you have very specific and time related goals and you can measure your progress to ensure you stay on track – and the benefit of this is that you can see if you are falling away from your goal and actually do something about it there and then.

Businesses have meetings daily/weekly and monthly with staff members to ensure that they are working towards deadlines, whether there are any problems, whether other things have occurred since the last meeting that needs to be looked at etc… – and setting a personal goal for yourself should be seen just like having a piece of work in your career. You would timetable it in, and be able to tell your boss what the progress is like whenever they needed to know. You are your own boss in your life goals (although your partner or a friend could play this role and keep you on track if you find that easier)

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Are you being SMART about your goals? Reach goals more easily using this acronym


So, when you say you want to get organised, or you want something out of life, be more specific – try to organise yourself in one area at a time – reward yourself for a job well done, and move on to your next project.

Before you know it – you will have got as organised as you need to, and have hopefully had some fun and rewards along the way!




Are you good at SMART goal setting? I’d love to know so why not leave a comment below….


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