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A cure for knickers on the radiator!


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washing and drying clothesI don’t know about you – but drying washing is a real bug bear of mine – or at least it used to be.

Its not really an issue in the spring and summer when you can (fingers crossed) hang it all outside and by the end of the day bring it all in, dry and with a lot less of a need to iron.


But the autumn and winter are a different matter.

All too easily you can end up with either a hefty electric bill for having your tumble dryer on constantly – or you end up with the somewhat dodgy interior design scheme I like to call “knickers on the radiator” – you get the idea!

Not only does hanging your washing all over the radiators in the house look unsightly (not to mention its embarrassing for you and your guests!) – it also means you don’t even get the benefit of them heating your home – and whats the good of that.

I was in a Lakeland store probably around this time last year in fact, when inspiration hit.

It was truly a lightbulb moment, and the idea really is simple.

A clothes airer that heats up to dry clothes.


Its called the Lakeland Dry-Soon Electric 3-Tier Heated Clothes Airer

Heres what is says on the box:-

  • Costs less than 5p an hour to run
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Position the shelves to suit your needs
  • 21m of drying space on a small footprint
  • Airer folds to just 8cm wide for easy storage

It sounded good – and given the amount of washing and the time/money spent trying to dry it in my house up to that point, even at the rather hefty pricetag of £92.99 I felt it was worth a go.

And I can honestly say it was money well spent.

How does it work?

Its probably easiest to let Lakeland explain this first hand – heres a quick video:-

Basically – there are 3 racks on each side of the airer that can be taken away or added in (just by hooking to or unhooking from the outer rail)- dependant on what you need to dry.

Simply work out which way you want the dryer to work, spend about 20 seconds getting it to that shape, then plug it in and switch it on.

So – what do I like about it?

  • It is cheap to run
  • It can hold so much washing its incredible – a very full load is no problem
  • It takes up very little room when folded up – and can be stored easily
  • It creates lots of heat, so doesn’t take long for things to dry
  • It is really easy to configure the racks to how you need to use them – you can use the racks to dry washing flat, to hang longer items without touching the floor, to drape large duvet covers etc.. over, and to dry lots of smaller items easily.
  • Its also available in a 2 tier version which is slightly less money and worth it if you have less washing

What don’t I like?

  • It can feel a little lightweight – and could bend slightly if you overload it – but this is a warning on the box so we haven’t had much of an issue – worth being aware that you need to balance the load on it
  • It felt at first like it may not work very well – but if you need to dry things quickly you can put a large sheet over the whole thing and this contains the heat even better. If you work on the premise that heat rises, and load up the top first – then you get any residual heat from the lower racks as well.
  • No timer – sometimes we do forget its on and its left for longer than needed – which isn’t ideal.

Here are some pics of my own in action to also help give you a full visual – this is it after about a years use, so its doing really well as you can see – still going strong!

Clothes Airer Full with Washing      Lakeland Airer drying long towel and other washing     Lakeland Airer folded in half - space saving      Lakeland Airer folded in storage

These show (in order from left to right):-

1.  When a load of washing is on it, and all 6 racks are in use – You can see that theres plenty of room!

2. When used for a long towel – taking away the bottom 2 racks to give the towel room to hang.

3. Stacked up neatly against the wall – enabling more room to walk around it – and still allowing loads of washing to dry.

NB – we have also noticed that this is a great way of adding extra heat into the drying, as the folded up sides are heating from the back as well.

NB – Also I hope you can see this but my daughters school cardigan is hanging from one of the 4 posts – which we have also found great for drying shirts, dressing gowns etc…

4. Last but not least – this is showing the dryer packed away and stored in the small space we have between the units in the utility and the wall. It really does fold up neatly, and doesn’t get in the way when not in use.


clothes dryer - heated airerAre you tempted?!

CLICK HERE to buy from Amazon, OR CLICK HERE to buy from Lakeland(same price)

Let me know how you get on if you decide to get one – I’d love to know if it makes as much difference to you as it has us!

Please note that I was not paid to do this review post – it is my honest opinion and I am happy to recommend items that I use in my house – so that hopefully you get the benefit as well.

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