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8 top tips to transform your bathroom from functional to 5 star!

Bathrooms are busy places – in constant use and always seeming to need cleaning and tidying as a result. Without easy to use storage and organising ideas things can get crazy really quickly, and it’s nearly impossible to be able to take a calming and relaxing bath or long shower at the end of a hectic day – which quite frankly should always be an option – you deserve it!.

As a result it should be a priority to create a bathroom that can easily have 2 persona’s – functional and beautiful.

This is why I have put together my top tips to creating a bathroom that works for both aspects of one of the busiest rooms in your home. It can work hard during the day, but can also transform into a 5 star relaxing haven when you want to take a little “me time” away from the world and have a long soak (or short, as much as you can fit in really!).

bathroom tips

I recommend trying to have a bath each day if you can as a way to rejuvenate yourself in what can be a very crazy world. I don’t know about you but I am constantly on the go, and can always find stuff to do – which makes it virtually impossible to sit on the sofa for long – but the beauty of a bath is that you are there and can’t really move for a while. You are forcing yourself to relax, and that can do you wonders, I promise! It’s a great habit to get into, and needn’t take that much time.

This week I had a very pleasant package arrive in the post from Viakal, containing some 5 star bathroom products to help make my bathroom more of a haven, and I was far too excited for my own good about this – take a look!:-

bathroom products

It has inspired me to create a truly multi functional room that can be minutes away from kids fun bath time, to my own haven at the end of a long day.

So – I started at a point that most of us end up with in the bathroom after the kids have been there – toys everywhere, towels draped so that they have very little chance of ever being dry again, and general clutter and untidiness that really is not conducive to wanting to spend time relaxing in the room at all. Welcoming for a bath? I think not…

cluttered bathroom

As I said previously, I love a bath, and being in the habit of having one most evenings has meant that I have streamlined the process of taking it from playful to relaxing – and here are my top tips to help you do the same – I hope they help and inspire you!


Bathroom Tip # 1 – Give toys a home

Every home with children will have lots of bathroom toys. Toys help to entertain kids and keep them busy at bath time – but they are less than handy to have around when you want to declutter and create calm in the space.

As such it’s a great idea to have some storage for the toys that works both for you and the kids. By this I mean that it is accessible for your children to grab what they want to play with, and to put it away(!) – and also looks good and functions well for you at the same time.

In my own home I have a large cupboard in the bathroom that I got made within an alcove space that hides away all the stuff that we need daily in the room – I have yet to write a post about this, but suffice to say for now that it has a lower cupboard that houses all the toys – this means that  it’s low enough for my daughter to open, and is also hidden out of sight. Within the space is a basket that contains all the smaller toys, and extra room for larger items:-

bathroom storage

Creating a place to quickly contain toys after a bath, and making it a habit to put things back there when you have finished bathing the kids (or giving this job to them when they are old enough) means that a lot of the clutter that you generally see in a bathroom can be gone without having to think about it when you want to take a bath.


Bathroom Tip #2 – Clean

Suffice to say that a dirty bathroom is not going to make you want to take a bath any time soon! – who wants to be bathing and looking around at what needs to be done – hardly relaxing….

Clean your bathroom regularly – how often will be dependent on what you can achieve (be realistic) and also how often the room gets used (for example, a family of 5’s bathroom will probably need a more regular clean than a single persons home as it will be used 5 times as often).

Also – get into the habit of wiping all the surfaces down after use (keeping a glass wiper in the shower, and having a cloth to hand for the sink will help this become second nature).

That way, you will always have a bathroom that’s relatively clean and ready for you to relax if you want to.


Bathroom Tip #3 – Tidy

Not only do toys add clutter to a room, but so too do the mass of toiletries, clothes, towels etc.. that end up in the bathroom if it’s not tidied regularly.

Think about your view from the bath – as with seeing things that need cleaning making you less relaxed, so too will things that need tidying.

It’s a quick habit to ensure that you and the rest of the household get used to tidying the bathroom of the stuff that they use each time – and then there should be pretty much no mess to tidy when you want to take a bath.


Bathroom Tip #4 – Close the door!

There’s nothing less relaxing when taking a bath than constantly being interrupted by children or your partner.

Pretty much everything can wait for the 20 minutes or so that you are in the bath – so try and get everyone used to this being the case (emergencies accepted of course!).

If there’s only one bathroom in your house and the toilet is also situated there, then ensure as much as you can that no-one needs to use the space for the next 20 minutes or so. Pick a time that works for you and your household and you really will get a more relaxing time from it.


Bathroom Tip #5 – Dim the lights

This is my bug bear about bathrooms – the less than flattering light that usually is in the space.

My personal preference is to install dimmers if you can (this has to be outside the room for safety reasons), and to have the lights on a different switch than the fan as you don’t want the fan running while trying to chill out either.

If you can dim the lights it works for relaxing in a bath, but also works for those nights when you get up and need the toilet – the last thing you want to deal with is the onslaught of bright light and having to adjust your eyes when all you want to do is get back to sleep as quickly as possible.

If you can’t dim the lights, then consider using a lit mirror in your space and only have this switched on as it will give a softer light than the main light.


Bathroom Tip #6 – Fluffy towels

Nothing says 5 star better than warm fluffy towels in a bathroom. My top tip here is to wash towels without fabric conditioner to make them more absorbent (nothing worse than towels that are soft but just move water around your body when you want to get dry!).

Try and have a heated towel rail, radiator, or airing cupboard for your towel so that you can also step out of the bath into a cosy towel if at all possible.


Bathroom Tip #7 – Add in touches of luxury

Nothing says relaxing like some extra touches in the room.

Just as kids get a lot out of a bath with their toys, you can add in items that takes your bath from functional to five star easily.

Think scented candles (this also adds a lovely glow to the room), a plant (I find orchids work well in a bathroom), magazines, even a glass of wine if you’re feeling decadent! And don’t forget to use the good stuff – you’re worth it!


Bathroom Tip #8 – Put that seat down….

OK OK – so a little tongue in cheek on this one – but who wants to see the inside of the loo when relaxing! – put that seat down and you have a nicer space immediately!


In summary

So – using my lovely pack and all the tips above, I went from this:-

cluttered bathroom

to this:-

relaxing bathroom

And in all reality it took less than 5 minutes to achieve.

That night I had a lovely bath in a calm environment, and enjoyed every minute of it ( I even used the childs stool under the sink for a handy magazine holder!):-

relaxing bathroom evening

Are you inspired to create a relaxing haven in the your bathroom? Take a little time tonight, treat yourself to a bath or indeed a shower, and enjoy it – You’ll thank me for it – I promise!


Please note – this post was kindly sponsored by Viakal , and I would like to thank them for my lovely 5 star bathroom pack – however as always all tips and words are my own and not in any way affected by the sponsorship.



** This post may contain affiliate links - to find out more please see my disclosure policy


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2 Responses to 8 top tips to transform your bathroom from functional to 5 star!

  1. Mhari Oct 3, 2014 at 8:22 pm #

    Great post and beautiful bathroom! Could you tell me where you got the little star step stool please? I’m a sucker for stars and would make a chance from the plastic Ikea number I have just now! Thanks in advance.

    • Chrissy Halton Oct 6, 2014 at 12:31 pm #

      Hi Mhari

      Thanks for your lovely comment about my bathroom – it’s one of my favourite rooms in the house! My stool was a present from my sister – although it looked very different when she bought it me. Originally it was wooden and a pale green. I have recently painted it brown and added the star myself (just used a template and painted it white). I would therefore suggest buying a simple wooden stool which would be sturdy and then painting as you want to suit your decor. One thing I would suggest for a bathroom especially is to use a matt varnish to protect from water damage. Hope this helps!
      Chrissy x

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