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7 Golden rules to help keep small spaces more organised

I was sent this infographic the other day and liked it so much that I wanted to share it with you today. It’s all about small spaces and what you can do to help keep them more organised, which I get asked about a lot (and intend to write more on – watch this space!).

7 golden rules for small spaces to keep them organised

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Without further ado – why don’t you take a look and see what you think!

7 Golden Rules for Keeping a Small Space Organised

Image credit – 7 Golden Rules for Keeping a Small Space Organised [Infographic] by the team at FBD

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Rule #1 – Use your walls

I always try and look for vertical solutions for spaces, for instance in cupboards where a lot of space is wasted.

This is also true for using walls – shelving and built in units work really well to maximise your room and create storage where there may have just been wasted space.

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Rule #2 – Invest in double duty furniture

I totally love using multi purpose furniture wherever possible in rooms – for instance the ottoman/storage bed that I wouldn’t be without in all bedrooms!

Finding furniture that really works for it’s place in your home can be a great way to balance practicality and aesthetics – especially in smaller spaces.

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Rule #3 – Streamline technology

Ideas that you could also use are:-

  • Hang a flat screen TV on the wall
  • Use wireless technology wherever possible
  • Download your music and films rather than storing lots of DVDs and CDs
  • Use a laptop rather than a desktop computer to save space

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Rule #4 – Go mono

Keeping colours on walls and furnishings simple can automatically calm and declutter a space, and make it feel larger.

Add colour in smaller things like accessories and artwork instead.

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Rule #5 – Make use of dead space

Always look for space that you aren’t using as yet, as you may just find somewhere that would work for storage or display.

LITTLE WARNING HOWEVER – it’s always better to reduce what you have if possible rather than store what you don’t need – and that nicely leads me to Rule #6…

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Rule #6 – Declutter relentlessly

Decluttering any space just makes sense – but never more so than in smaller homes where every square inch really counts.

If you only have what you really love, need and use in your home, then you may find that you don’t need as much space or storage as you think…

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Rule #7 – Clean it regularly

As with decor being simple to create calm, so too can a tidy and clean home.

Keeping things in the place that they should be stored will make life easier, but also create that all important sense of space in every room.

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Infographic showing 7 golden rules for keeping smaller spaces more organised. Which of the rules do you use?

Do you live in a small house?

Do you struggle with finding space for your things, or have you found some great ideas that you use to great effect?

I’d love to know so please share what you think in the comments below.


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