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What are you getting for Christmas? Are you excited about it yet?…. it’s not long to go now……

Christmas wish list present ideas


I revert back to being a child at this time of year, as everything is so magical and special – and it’s easy to get carried away if not careful!

Carried away not just with excitement, but also with “stuff'” – and that’s what I want to look at today…

As this blog concentrates on all things organised and clutter free – I wanted to dispel a myth that you may have around presents.

Yes – having no clutter in your home is great – I fully advocate a clutter free home whenever possible.

And you can have lots of presents that don’t add to your clutter at all – BUT presents aren’t always clutter, even they are “things”.

Yes, you can buy stuff for the sake of buying stuff, and I would never suggest doing that.

But if you only buy a few carefully picked items that really do make you smile and are what you truly love/want or need, that’s totally fine!

You don’t have to completely deprive yourself if you want a more organised or clutter free life.

I think I just heard you sigh out loud!

Yes – don’t feel bad about getting “stuff” or asking for stuff – just make sure that you are asking for (or treating yourself to) things that you will use and that will make you smile, and get the balance right. There’s nothing better than a home that reflects who you are and what makes you happy – and that home has to have things in it – however organised and clutter free it is!

Just make sure you don’t ask for things that will end up at the back of the cupboard, or forgotten in a drawer – that’s when it becomes clutter.

So – let’s embrace the right kind of stuff, and share our wish lists – below are 5 things I would love to get this year, and I’d love to know something on your list so let me know in the comments below.

Let’s get excited together, shall we….

My christmas wish list - 5 things I want santa to bring. Present ideas.

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This** cleansing balm from Elemis has to be my ultimate beauty product indulgence, and I totally love it!

It lasts for ages as a little goes a long way – and there is nothing I like more than sinking into a hot bath with this on my face. It’s a gorgeous cleanser that you can use as a sort of face mask for a deep cleanse, and smells out of this world.

I don’t buy that much in the way of special beauty products, so this is a great present that I really cherish.



I have to be a bit practical with presents – and buying things for the home always makes me smile!

Bedding is something that can easily be forgotten as there are many other things to spend on during the year. I have my eye currently on this set from next – really classic and simple, but will look fantastic on our bed (mostly white, which I love, but with a tiny bit of detail as well).



Along with candles, I love room sprays to give a real boost to how I feel at home.

As I work at home most of the time, I love to make it feel nice – so a real treat is this “feel refreshed” spray** that I use in the morning to get me ready for the day. Totally gorgeous smell!



I love wall art – so Christmas is a perfect time to make a new addition to my home. Having taken a look around I found this one** which is perfect!

These are three of my favourite cities (cliched, but true!), and the style is very in keeping with my home. It will look great either in my recently decorated guest bedroom, or perhaps on the stairs…. decisions, decisions….!



Most of my home is neutral, as I’m sure you’ll know if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time now, but I do love a bit of colour.

My favourite colours are deep, jewel style colours – adding a touch around rooms makes them look great. As such, when I saw these glasses** recently, I fell in love! They make a lovely change from clear glass, and would look amazing on the dining table with all my white crockery…


My christmas wish list - 5 things I want santa to bring. Present ideas.


So – that’s me! – A little insight into what I like and what you may (hopefully!) see in upcoming posts in 2017… It’s seems to be all about nice smells and home stuff – which sums me up really!

What about you?

Let me know what you are getting this year by leaving a comment below – I’d love to know what treats you are hoping for. And don’t forget – if you truly love it and use it then it’s not clutter! x



PLEASE NOTE – I would like to thank the team at Vorwerk for asking me to take part in their #AllIWantForChristmas campaign, designed to uncover what is on the ultimate Christmas wishlists of some of the UK’s top parenting and lifestyle bloggers in the run up to this year’s festivities. To find out more about Vorwerk, please CLICK HERE. As always, all words and ideas in this post are my own and are in no way influenced by the collaboration.


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