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We all lead busy lives, and feel like there is no time in our day for anything – and to be honest, most of the time there probably isn’t. We have such hectic schedules that we fill with everything we can – only to get to the end of the day to find that we still haven’t achieved what we needed/wanted to.

What’s the answer?

5 minute TO DO list - for everything you can get done in those spare pockets of wasted time throughout the day

One of the best tips I have used successfully over the years has been to have a list of quick jobs that I can get done in a small amount of time.

You know, the little pockets of time that we get during the day that pass us by – mostly times that we are waiting for something else : –

  • Kettle boiling
  • Tea cooking
  • Time just before you leave the house
  • Queuing at the shops
  • Waiting on the phone
  • Washing machine almost finished….
  • Someone else in the bathroom/toilet
  • Waiting for someone

The list is endless – I am sure that if you count up those pockets of 5 minutes they would add up to quite a bit of time that is potentially wasted.

Wasted because you could be doing something else instead of just waiting…

If you had a system that meant you knew what you could do in those pockets of time – would you use it?

I have started to find that using these bits of time is the key to staying on top of things as much as possible. It means that there isn’t a massive pile of TO DO’s waiting at the end of the day, and things move a little quicker through the house.

I started a 5 minute list, and am loving it!

5 minute TO DO list - for everything you can get done in those spare pockets of wasted time throughout the day

What is a 5 minute list?

It is basically a list that you keep to hand that has things that need doing that take 5 minutes or less.

Simple, but very effective!


How do you use it?

  • If you have a TO DO list, then take off anything that will take you 5 minutes or less.
  • Write these items down somewhere that you will be able to access anytime you have a pocket of time (a note on your phone, write a list, use your diary – whatever works best for you)
  • Add in anything that crops up during the day that you need to do as well.
  • When you have a bit of time, get one of the things on the list done and crossed off.


What kind of things go on the list?

  • Make a call
  • Pay a bill
  • Fill out a form
  • Send a text
  • Write a card
  • Book an appointment

Doing things this way means that you don’t have to find lots of time to get lots done in one go (which is always a tough thing to find), you feel really productive as you are getting things done, and your TO DO list feels much more manageable (the larger items on your TO DO list can then be scheduled into your diary when you have more time each week).

5 minute TO DO list - for everything you can get done in those spare pockets of wasted time throughout the day

If you would like a quick TO DO list to use, then simply CLICK HERE.

Hope it helps, and I look forward to hearing how you go with it. See how much more you can get done without much hassle!

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