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4 Fail safe ways to make birthdays easier


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Birthdays are great – when you remember them, have a present and card sorted, and generally are organised about everything.

They are not great if not…..

This post aims to give you 4 fail safe ways to make other peoples birthdays so much easier to manage and remember – throughout your own busy year!

4 fail safe ways to make other peoples birthdays easier for you - via www.organisemyhouse.com© Robyn Mackenzie | Dreamstime.com

Birthday Tip #1 – Don’t forget!

How many times have you forgotten a birthday in the last few months? I have only forgotten a birthday twice as far as I can remember, and there is no worse feeling.

I don’t believe in having lots of different places to put dates to remember – as you probably will forget to regularly check them all.

People buy birthday books, wall planners etc… especially to remember birthdays – but in the business of daily life, it can be all too easy to forget to look at them often.

The only way I have found to always remember dates is to add ALL important dates and scheduled events to your diary.

This is then your place to go to know exactly whats happening and whats coming up in your life.

I spend an hour or so after Christmas each year adding in peoples birthdays to my diary – right at the top by the date. This way they are very hard to miss.

I do have a master list in my home file – where I get the information from each year – and where I update peoples information as and when babies are born, people get married etc….

Then, each week I look at whose got birthdays coming up, and ensure I have time to buy and post presents or cards to them (I usually add in a POST x’s CARD 3 days before their birthday so I again don’t forget)

You will never have the excuse of forgetting again!

YES it is time consuming – but it is the only fail safe method I have found – and it does save you lots of time throughout the year in rushing to the shops/post office etc… when you have forgotten someones birthday – so a little prep time up front really can save lots of time later on.


Birthday Tip #2 – Stash your cards!

Whether you remember someones birthday is one thing – but having time to get to the shops and sort out cards is another.

Try and always have a set of cards in a drawer somewhere (ideally where you store all items to do with post and wrapping so that you don’t have to hunt around your house!).

Have some for every genre (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, births, new house, new job etc..), gender, age, and also keep some blank cards for those occasions where its hard to find the exact card you want to send!

That way if you do miss the shops you will be able to find a suitable card with ease.

Its also a great way to make use of sales – so buy Christmas cards in January and save until the following Christmas – or buy cards for the next 2 months in one go, and keep them ready and waiting in your card stack.

TIP – its also great for when you have unexpected events to go to, or if you son/daughter has been invited to a party at a moments notice…

 Present - birthday organising from organisemyhouse.com© Kytalpa | Dreamstime.com

Birthday Tip #3 – Stash presents too!

As well as having cards to hand, why not have some presents ready to go as well?

Have a box somewhere for presents to give to people – these can be collected as you find them throughout the year, they could also be presents you have received that you won’t use (but if you do this please remember to tag with who bought it for you – as you would hate to re-gift it back to them!).

This is especially useful for your childrens friends – as they always seem to have a party to go to!!!!

Finding things in sales and on offer throughout the year means that you won’t have to necessarily spend so much for every present, but you will still get the ideal gift (you may well be able to grab a bargain in the sales that is perfect for someone you know, that you may not have been able to afford for them otherwise).

Get your present box started today!


Birthday Tip #4 – Gift wish lists are invaluable

For your own, and your family and friends gifts try and create a gift wish list (your home file is ideal for this as everyone can easily access it) for them all.

Whenever someone mentions that they would like something in particular, or if in conversation you find out they have a passion for x, or you simply think of something that would be great – add it to this list and then use it for inspiration when the next time to buy something comes up (it will also save you time hunting for the ideal gift, and ensure that you get what you want as well!)

I love to know that something someone said in conversation back in February can be noted down and kept for their birthday in November – it adds a real thoughtfulness to your gift giving as you know they will love what they get!

Birthday Teddy Bear from organisemyhouse.com© Alain Lacroix | Dreamstime.com



So – if you are struggling to get other peoples birthdays more organised, you won’t go far wrong by following these 4 simple tips – hope they help!


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