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23 things to declutter today!

Decluttering can be a quick and easy way of making a difference to your life and home – and this post has a list of loads of things you can declutter right now, so lets get started!

23 things to get rid of today - decluttering ideas for your home

Organising can be a lengthy process – well – once started you should really be doing it for the rest of your life to make it easy – so having a few small areas that you can make a difference to immediately would really work for your motivation, wouldn’t it!

I have tried to list my favourite things to declutter here – but think outside the box and let me know as always if you have your own ideas!

And of course, it goes without saying that if anything can be recycled – do that over simply decluttering and throwing it away – every bit counts.

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  • Clothes that don’t fit you anymore – don’t keep them just in case you change shape – chances are they will be out of date if you do
  • Clothes that are unflattering – life is way too short!
  • Clothes that have holes or other faults that you have never got round to mending – you probably never will!
  • Out of date or past their best toiletries, or ones that are empty or simply not used anymore
  • Out of date medicine
  • Jewellery that you don’t love and don’t wear, that is broken and is not sentimental
  • Books that you don’t need for reference and those that have been read already
  • CDs that you don’t listen to anymore (or that you don’t use as they have been downloaded onto your music system already)
  • DVDs that you have watched and won’t watch again
  • Childrens books, clothes and toys that they have outgrown or are too worn/damaged.
  • Magazines that are piled up somewhere – only keep the last one, and rip out articles from others that you will read again (make a file for these so you have something great to read that’s all specific to you and your interests!)
  • Presents that you are keeping so as not to offend the giver – re-gift to someone who will love it – you will have said thank you for the gift and have appreciated the thought, but if its not something you love then why keep it. NOTE – Label who gave you what as it would be awful to re-gift to the original giver…..
  • Any important but outdated documents can be shredded and recycled
  • All paper around the house – leaflets, used envelopes, flyers, junk mail, old birthday and Christmas cards, catalogues etc….
  • One off kitchen items that are never used – i.e. bread maker, yoghurt maker, ice cream maker …
  • Any out of date food items (herbs and spices and tinned goods are good places to look!) – including freezer items that have been left at bottom for too long!
  • Anything broken in the house
  • Anything in your home that it unloved and not useful or not needed
  • Manuals or boxes for items that you have not got anymore
  • Anything in more hidden room (garage, shed, loft etc…) that has been put there and been forgotten about
  • Anything in your home that is being kept “just in case” – why waste space, time and energy on something that you may not need again anyway, and that you may not even remember is there when you do need it!
  • Anything in your diary that is something you don’t love, that doesn’t lead to you towards your goals, or that you don’t really need to do – and START SAYING NO!
  • Time that you waste on things like TV that’s not really important to you – time could be used elsewhere to much better effect

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Great list of 23 items that you can get rid of today from your home - make it lighter almost immediately!

What are you going to declutter right now…?! Leave a comment below as I’d love to know – thanks in advance!





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