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It’s that time of year again. Before the busy-ness of Christmas really sets in, it’s time to think about (and get) a diary for 2017…

2017 Diary planner - printables to get organised in 2017


I always get so excited about my new diary each year because it’s always nice to have fresh, clean pages ready to start anew – don’t you think?

It’s a bit like the start of a new school year. I remember being far too excited about getting much needed bits of new stationery each year, and with my love for stationery still going strong, nothing much changes really…

So – with all that in mind, today I am really pleased to announce a couple of new thingsĀ for you here on OMH: –

  • The brand new 2017 diary planner pages are now ready and available to buy
  • I have a brand new shop to buy it from!

Yes, I’ve been busy here at OMH HQ!


If you have been following me for any length of time, you will know that I have always sold my eBooks and planners through separate pages here at OMH (and I will continue to do so at least for a while!), but this setup doesn’t allow people to buy more than one item at one time (something I am asked about a lot) – so I wanted to fix this.

And, while I was fixing that – I decided that a complete shop makeover would be perfect as well (why not!) – so I would like to introduce you to the brand new Organise My House ETSY shop: –

ETSY shop banner for Organise My House

It’s very new, and there are plans to add more things over the next few weeks/months – but as you can see I have already added in the gorgeous new 2017 diary planners, which I hope you love as much as I do!

Here’s a little peek inside the planner: –

Below, you can see that the main diary pages are in a week to two page format – my personal favourite. There’s also loads of space for scheduled items (times are written down the side), reminders, TO DO’s and notes.


There’s literally everything you need to run your day all in one place.

2017 diary pages - week to 2 pages


Along with notes pages, there’s also a 4 page year planner that’s really useful for writing down birthdays / holidays etc…. and is quick to glance at to see what’s coming up…

2017 year planner and notes pages


And having a weekly schedule in the diary is so useful – in this one is also space for meal planning and chores – so you can at a glance see how full each day is.

2017 weekly schedule from diary


I have included 2 year to a page pages, one for 2017 and one for 2018 – so you can circle important dates etc… (I use this for tracking school holidays).

2017 year overview page printable


And lastly – there is a nod to 2018 at the end – with a page dedicated to writing down any dates that you will need to add to your 2018 diary, and the 2018 year planner.

I use this for any appointments that I make that carry over to the next year – such as dentists, car servicing etc…

2018 planners at the end of the 2017 diary - get more organised!

2017 diary planner pages ready to print and use for the new year. Enjoy being more organised in 2017 with these planner pages...


Oh – I nearly forgot – as there are many readers living in the US I have created this planner in A4 / A5 / Letter and Half sizes so you will be able to find the size that works best for you – an added bonus I hope you’ll like!


What do you think?

I really hope this is a style that you love to use, and I’d love to know your thoughts on both this AND the new shop, so why not leave a comment below – thanks in advance!

and of course, if you want to buy a copy, and get yourself (or someone you know) organised for 2017 – then please CLICK HERE

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