Reader Interactions


  1. Marilyn Payne says

    I often do this. Some times it happens with clothes. I see a top I like but I don’t buy now unless I have something to go with it, or I am buying an outfit I need for Winter. I recently saw a unit for the lounge. I didn’t buy it. I am re-visiting the store in one week, when I have decided if I need to get rid of some ornaments and I will take a note with me, listing what I need to store on the unit.

  2. Chrissy Halton says

    Hi Hester – thanks so much for the lovely comment – and am so glad the articles are helping! – I do like your 2 week rule – very good idea to stay clear completely! x

  3. Hester says

    This is so true for me. I am well on the way now to re-programming my impulse to buy ‘useful’ stuff i really don’t have the space for.
    I would leave the house which needed cleaning, and go and buy storage and cleaning items, and then come home to the same yucky house just with more clutter….
    My two week rule was basically not to go near the shops at all for two weeks in the end! I never missed it.
    Love your articles, Chrissy, they make me feel like I may just be normal after all.