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The 2 week buying rule…

If you are constantly finding yourself adding items to your home with impulse purchases, then this tip is for you!

When we go shopping we often get swept away with the occasion – looking at items we don’t really need, but wanting them, and often buying them

Items that seem like a great idea at the time – but aren’t really used or needed at all.

Items that take up space in your home, add to your clutter, and end up making you feel bad for having wasted money and effort buying them.

You may want to start thinking about what I like to call the 2 week buying rule.

The 2 week buying rule - a fantastic rule to save money and time when out shopping - via

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The 2 week buying rule

Its simple really.

If you are out shopping, and see something that’s not what you were looking for (not on your list), then make a note of it (take a photo on your phone, or write down the details so you don’t forget it).

Then walk away from it and wait 2 weeks.

Often after 2 weeks you will have forgotten about it, decided that you really don’t need it, or you may have looked online and found an alternative that would work better or is cheaper.

If you do still want it after 2 weeks then get it!

TIP – Make sure you have a space to put it – as you don’t want to add clutter to your home!

OK – it may make you make a second trip to the shops – but often you can purchase things online, and they are usually less expensive and its convenient for you as well – after all – you have seen the item in the flesh and know what its like – so the risk of buying online and not liking it isn’t there any longer.

Also – you would have had a second trip to the shops to take an item back if you purchased it in haste – so overall you are probably spending less time at the shops – and that’s always a bonus!


Chances are – after 2 weeks you will have cooled off the item – so saved yourself time, money and hassle by not buying it. But if you do go ahead and buy it, you know that you really want it!


Have you tried this before? Did it work or not for you? I’d love to know so please comment below….



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2 Responses to The 2 week buying rule…

  1. Hester Apr 29, 2014 at 10:33 am #

    This is so true for me. I am well on the way now to re-programming my impulse to buy ‘useful’ stuff i really don’t have the space for.
    I would leave the house which needed cleaning, and go and buy storage and cleaning items, and then come home to the same yucky house just with more clutter….
    My two week rule was basically not to go near the shops at all for two weeks in the end! I never missed it.
    Love your articles, Chrissy, they make me feel like I may just be normal after all.

    • Chrissy Halton Apr 29, 2014 at 1:10 pm #

      Hi Hester – thanks so much for the lovely comment – and am so glad the articles are helping! – I do like your 2 week rule – very good idea to stay clear completely! x

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