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101 easy organising tips to simplify your life (Part 2)

Following on from part 1 last week, here’s the second and final installment of organising tips for you to take a look at.

As with the other set, there are LOADS here, so feel free to have a read and see which ones take your fancy first. Getting organised is all about doing what works for your and your own family and needs, so some of these may be more relevant than others – that’s the beauty of them – you can try what you want!

101 easy organising tips - why not simplify your life today by picking one of these tips and making life easier - which tip will you choose?

NOTE – as before – some of the tips are quite small to read, I have added them like this as there are a lot, but if you want to see more clearly then just click on the picture to be shown the larger version


Tips to get organised (part 2)

tip #51. Use colour coding to help organise kids

tip #52 - using a lazy susan makes the best of difficult to reach spaces

Read more about this tip HERE

tip #53. buy storage last when you are getting organised

Read more about this tip HERE

tip #54 - use a timer to stay on track and focused

tip #55 keep the right amount of things for you

Organising tip #56 - know your body clock and work with it

Read more about this tip HERE

tip #57. dinner party prep

tip #58. break large tasks into small

59. car emergency

tip 60. good enough is...

tip 61. 10 minute tidy makes all the difference

62. use things differently

tip 63. start where it hurts

Tip #64 - store things well

tip #65 - we all have finite space

tip #66 - several banks accounts works really well for budgeting

Read more about this tip HERE

tip 67 - create a recipe file to get your recipes organised

tip 68. clean methodically

69. allow time to post

tip 70 - regularly check deals

71. use time well

72. label food well

73. diary management

74. delegate

tip #75 - storing frequent use items

76. 2 week buying rule

Read more about this tip HERE

tip #77 create one to one time with those you love

78. backup regularly

79. guest ready

80. store bedding together

81. Routines rule

82. store in month order

tip #83 of 101 - schedule prep and travel time when managing an appointment

84. automate

85. infrequent items

86. budgeting

87. fun scheduled

88. record your tv

89. create backup plans

organising tip #90 - live a balanced life

Read more about this tip HERE

91. don't chase perfection

92. mail centers

93. declutter first

94. no more guilt

95. don't fight

96. emergencies happen

97. don't judge yourself

98. store where it makes sense

99. book in advance

Tip #100. do more of what you are good at

101. rewards work

I couldn’t have the last tip not be about rewards – they are so key to keeping going with anything you want to achieve in life – especially getting organised.

If you have followed any of these tips then you are on the path to a more organised life, and I really hope that they have inspired you to try out a few of them to see if they help.

Good luck!

101 Organising tips  for home and life

Which of these organising tips will you be trying today? do you do any already? do you have some that aren’t on my list? I’d love to hear from you so please let me know below…







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