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10 Reasons To Be DIS-Organised!

Chaos - Reasons to be Disorganised from www.organisemyhouse.comBet you never thought you’d see a post about reasons to be DISorganised on this site!

This is just a bit of fun for you, but it may just make you think about whether you use any of these reasons as a barrier to getting yourself organised…..

1. You thrive on the rush of not knowing if you will get to your appointment/meeting etc.. on time….

2. You enjoy playing hide and seek so much that you play it with EVERYTHING you own – EVERYDAY!

3. You like being the disorganised friend in your group – hey – everyone needs a niche!

4. Its like winning the lottery if there is any money left at the end of each month – what a rush!

5. Your idol is Homer Simpson and you’ve been perfecting their lifestyle most of your life – why change it now…

6. You were brought up my really neat parents who were always telling you to tidy up and keep clean – so why wouldn’t you rebel?!

7. Your outfit choice each day is more pot luck than couture – and this makes your quirky – doesn’t it?

8. Who wants the hassle of guests anyway……

9. Its much more fun to leave things until the last minute, after all, whats the worst that can happen……

10.Being disorganised is so much easier – isn’t it?


Let me know what reasons you have come up with over the years for being disorganised, I would love to hear them!

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