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common to do list mistakes


TO DO lists, when done right, can be a massive help in creating the life you want as easily as possible. However, done wrong they can be a hinderance at best and and impossibly overwhelming mass of tasks at worst. I wanted to look today at the 7 most common TO DO list mistakes people […]

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5 minute TO DO list - for everything you can get done in those spare pockets of wasted time throughout the day


We all lead busy lives, and feel like there is no time in our day for anything – and to be honest, most of the time there probably isn’t. We have such hectic schedules that we fill with everything we can – only to get to the end of the day to find that we […]

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TO DO LIST - Free printable download pdf

Printable TO DO list

I LOVE lists. Especially TO DO lists – it’s great when you start the day with a list of things to do and one by one they get ticked off, and I’ve written posts before on why having a TO DO list is so important. As such, I thought it was about time to share […]

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Empty TO DO list

Is an empty TO DO list ever possible?!

Does it seem so overwhelming that you aren’t even sure where to start and so why bother starting at all? – or are you the type to get loads crossed off every day and are in control of things, even though things keep getting added to it? Whichever you are, my betting is that you […]

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why a master TO DO list works best. Create a really effective TO DO list system by using a MASTER TO DO LIST. Find out more right here!

Why a MASTER TO DO LIST works best!

Do you find yourself constantly writing and rewriting your TO DO list? Do you have lots of lists on the go at the same time and are never sure what to do next? Well, this post will, I’m sure, help you stop all that right now – introducing the MASTER TO DO LIST…

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