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I really can’t wait to show you around my little corner of the web…  OMH is the place to come for loads of inspiration and tips to make your home and life just how you want them to be – as simply as possible.

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Are your priorities in line with your goals

Are Your priorities moving you towards your goals?

Todays world is going so fast it’s difficult to take time out to pin down exactly where you want to be heading in life. And even if you do know what your goals are, how can you be sure that you’ll end up where you want to be? Getting to grips with your priorities is […]

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How often should I clean my home? 3 great ways to do it explored - which do you prefer?

How often should I clean my house?

Cleaning has never been top of my wishlist in terms of how to spend my time, but having a clean house IS one of my priorities. Here are my three main ways to clean your home, and some general advice when looking at getting your home guest ready and clean everyday – Hope they help!

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The 6 reasons why we make excuses - procrastination

The 6 reasons why we make excuses to NOT do things

In this post I want to explore the 6 main reasons why we make excuses to NOT do things in our lives – procrastinating our way through life is no way to live… Procrastination is one of the worst things to do, it wastes your time and energy – and more often than not, you […]

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Organising a Utility room - things to think about so you get it right for what you need

Organising a utility room – planning and storage …

Do you have a utility room? This is one of the key rooms in your home to get organised, as things are moving in and out of it on a daily basis including laundry, cleaning items and much more. This post goes through how I have started from scratch with my utility room, things I […]

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15 time wasters to delete from your life - which are you guilty of?

15 Time wasters to delete from your life

Everyday we spend hours trying to complete tasks, and the majority of us could use an extra hour in the day – so how can we make that hour appear? Its all about being clever with your time and maximising what you have. Here are 15 time wasters that we can all delete to easily […]

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How to create some ME TIME - something we are all lacking!

How To Create Some “ME time” ….

Want to get off the treadmill of never ending TO DO’s? Always needing to look at the clock and your diary to ensure nothing is missed? Do you feel that you are never quite getting on track, and not good enough?

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Get your organising started with these quick wins - what can you do today?

Get Your Organising Started With Some Quick Wins!

Often the difference between the organised and the disorganised is the little habits that we do each day without really thinking about it. If you can start to do a few little things each day then you will drastically transform the way you live, and how you feel about your home and life – so […]

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A review of the happiness project

A review of “The Happiness Project”

This book is one that I have just finished – and I cannot recommend enough. I particularly like the chapter that covers getting organised (for obvious reasons!), but as an overall book it just makes you think about your life in a different way, its a great book for the new year, and makes you […]

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