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Have you eaten your frog today

Have you eaten your frog today?

Have I got your attention! Thought so…. I came across this theory from Brian Tracey a while ago and thought it was about time I shared it with you, as its so relevant to getting on with things, getting organised, and minimising procrastination – the bug bear of so many of us.

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herbs and spices AFTER organising

Storing Spices – Before and After

One of the projects I set myself over the summer was to work out a better way to store and access the spices in my cupboard. Seems like a nice to have rather than an essential, but for me its a massive time sapper – as we use spices and herbs at least once every […]

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Holiday Lessons Learnt

What I learnt from my holiday

We aren’t a summer holiday family – preferring a weekend away here and there to a long break, but with my daughter now at school we started to think that its important to give her that experience as well – so this year, for the first time in about 6 years, we packed up and […]

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What is clutter? Messy Bedroom Picture

What is clutter?

Clutter – we all talk about it, our cluttered lives, homes and diaries – but what exactly IS clutter? I went to the dictionary definition first – and a quick google search later came back with this:-

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messy and organised

Can I get my messy house organised, and still be messy?

Surprisingly for some, messy houses can be organised, just like minimal houses can be disorganised. Organisation is more about the functionality of the house rather than the aesthetics. It ensures that everyone knows whats happening, where they should be and where everything is in the house. You may well prefer to have a messier house […]

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delegate what people create

Delegate what people create

In our home my hubby creates the most washing in our house, by far. He goes to the gym at least once a day (bags of sweaty kit come back with him…..), he works in an office and wears a suit (shirt etc…. required daily) and then changes when he gets home into casual clothes. […]

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Comparing with others

Is it just me?

Are you paranoid that your home is worse than anyone else? Do you ask yourself why it seems that yours is the only home that nothing has a place, or if it does have one, noone puts it there? Are you afraid to have guests over for fear of what they think? You’re not alone

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Get the best from every space in your home

How can I maximise every space in my home?

Whether you have the tiniest flat or the largest of houses, the useage of space is critical to maximise what you have, and make it feel as spacious as possible. I came across this fantastic video on Youtube thats basically a tour of the most organised small apartment I have ever seen –

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Is clutter an issue for you?

Is clutter an issue for you?

You may not think that the clutter you have in your home is that bad, that its not affecting you at all, that you are quite happy really, but how true is that? Is it affecting how you live, and your stress levels in any way? Clutter gets into your head. FACT.

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