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How to create a Home File

Last in my mini series of posts about Home Files is possibly the most important part – and that’s how to create a Home File for yourself (click here for What is a Home File, or What do I put in my Home File). 

This post takes you step by step through how I created my own Home File, and will give you some tips and tricks along the way – hope you enjoy!

How to create a home file

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How do I make a Home File?

My home file is simply an A4 ring binder (I love Staples’ Better Binders). There’s no big fancy system really – just a little work from you to pull everything together.

Having it in a folder form rather than a book or a filing system makes it more portable, and its easier to take things out and add to sections etc.. as you need to.

It also give you the ability to put in plastic files which can hold items that haven’t got holes in – such as vouchers, tickets etc…) – so let’s go through the steps you need to create your very own file:-

 – – – – – – – – – –

STEP 1 – Gather what you need

To create your own home file you would only need the following items:-

  • Some sort of folder of your choice (size, colour etc…. to work for you – 4 holed works best for A4) – CLICK FOR MY CHOICE
  • Dividers / Tabs that will enable you to find things easily and manage the file better – CLICK FOR MY CHOICE
  • Plastic folders for any odd sized items or smaller pieces of paper that need to be kept together – I use 2 at the back of my home file for keeping shopping vouchers and receipts in.
  • Hole punch for your required sized folder (4 holes ideally)
  • Pens of different colours – you could have a colour for different areas, or each person in your home etc…
  • Label Maker – to label the tabs neatly (you can of course just use a pen if you prefer) – CLICK HERE FOR MY CHOICE **
  • Printables / Checklists etc… to add to your Home File to enable all notes to be taken easily. Either create these yourself using the category help in the previous post, or you can get my printables by taking a look at my HOME FILE eBook available now.


TIP – I have used different sized folders over the years, but have now settled on A4, as I find this the easiest to work with, and a lot of paperwork comes in this size already. Its also a practical size to see everything you need.

TIP – Always get a 4 ring one as these make the papers stay in much better which will otherwise cause you daily frustration!

Items to create a home file

– – – – – – – – – –

STEP 2 – Using your contents page as your guide, create headers for your tabs

I like to use a label maker for this as it makes the finish so much more clean and tidy, and I use the main headings on my contents page (such as CLEANING / ENTERTAINMENT / CONTACTS etc…) rather than the title of each individual sheet of paper as this can get way too bulky.

Adding the tabs to the file will ensure it’s ready for adding in the Home File sheets (a later step).

tabs and contents page for the Home File

– – – – – – – – – –

STEP 3 – Add the cover page to the front of the file

Create your own cover page or use the one provided in my eBook – but having a cover page on the front of the file completes the look of the Home File really nicely.

I always recommend using a file that has a plastic slip cover for adding a cover page as this will last longer and look more professional – the staples ones I use are great for this (see above for link).

front page in home file

– – – – – – – – – –

STEP 5 – Add 2 or 3 plastic files to the backthe cover page to the front of the file

Add in the plastic files now, and slip in the cover pages for these (RECEIPTS and SHOPPING VOUCHERS) – this makes it easy to find which you need when you are using it.

Home File - receipts pages

– – – – – – – – – –

STEP 6 – Add all your pages to the correct tab in the file

Add in the pages that you want to have in your file into the correct place (using your contents page as a guide).

– – – – – – – – – –

STEP 7 – Fill the pages in with all your information

This takes a little time, but is such a lovely thing to do as it can easily get rid of all those little bits of paper you have had around the house.

You can now add the information to the Home File and then recycle the paper – perfect!

Think about all those business cards, bits torn from magazines, post it notes etc… – you can really declutter and streamline everything!

Home File - personal info page

– – – – – – – – – –

And relax!

You can now relax, safe in the knowledge that you have all the information you need at your fingertips – and you really won’t know how you did without one for so long!

– – – – – – – – – –

Step by Step How to create a home fileI LOVE my Home File and wouldn’t be without it. Everyone knows where they are, and it can be updated as regularly as required. It is specific to our needs as a family, and can be updated and altered as we change.

Let me know below how you get on creating your own! What do you add to yours? Add your comments below to give everyone some more ideas!


{ Get your copy of the Home File eBook by clicking HERE }

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