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eBook/planner – Introducing the best way to get your homes information sorted once and for all! – Home Management Binder eBook

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Home File: Sorted!


A one stop shop where you can go to find out ANYTHING about the running of my home – so easy to use, and really fast to find the information you need

Running your home can be stressful - let's make it easy!

  • What if you could get your home more organised so that you had more time and energy to spend on the more important things in your life?
  • What if there was a simple tool out there that could change the way your home runs – for the better!
  • What if you could get your hands on any information relating to your home in an instant?

Sounds good doesn’t it!

Finally – there’s a way to get your home and life running smoothly every day – Welcome to the most effective way to organise the information you have on running your home successfully...

I have lived in my own home (rented or owned) for over 20 years now - and although I totally love creating and running a home - there has always been one major issue...

All the information that keeps coming into the house - and all the information that running a house needs.

It needs to all go in one really easy to use and easy to find place.

Wouldn't that be nice - a place for all those schedules, routines, contact details, supplier details, little bits of paper with notes on, leaflets, business cards, updates to addresses, details of birthdays, ideas for parties and holidays, I could literally go on forever!


and that easy to use place is - the HOME FILE

A place for everything that you need - a manual to run your home!


Much easier to grab than trawling through your filing cabinet, or that mass of paperwork on the side - much quicker than having to show your family where things are - and fantastic for handing over to anyone helping you in your home (babysitter, grandparents staying a while etc...).


The HOME FILE is the place it all fits.



Does this sound like you?

  • You are forever spending time searching for things in your home
  • You can never put your hands on information when you need it
  • You feel like you are running the house single handed-ly
  • You have 10 TO DO lists and nothing is getting done
  • You are overwhelmed with running your home on a daily basis

If this sounds familiar, then congratulations, you’ve found the solution!

What is a HOME FILE and why do I need one?

A home file is the manual for running your home. It is full of everything related to your house, available quickly and easily.

It stops you having to trawl through your filing cabinet every time you need a phone number or reference for something.

It is the one place to find everything you need.

  • Think about the last time you needed something quickly - the gas reference number, your childs after school class details, what cleaning jobs you should do that week...
  • What about the last time you had a babysitter and had to write out AGAIN all the details they needed about your contact number, where you will be, what the kids need, what their routines are for bedtime, how to work the TV etc....
  • Where should you put the business card from that gardener you may need next year when the hedges need cutting back?
  • What colour did you paint your living room? It needs a touch up 
  • How about when you find something interesting about a holiday you may like to investigate when it comes time to plan you next one?
  • Also, would you be able to tell an insurance company the exact details of your home contents if burgled?
  • Always writing notes on post its and losing them? Use your home file to simplify saving information – and to make it quick to find it when you need it (great place for an outing / party? Then write it here – Got people coming for a meal? Look in here for ideas of what they love to eat or even what they may be allergic to)

Seriously – you won’t know what you have done without one!


What is included in this eBook?

Your eBook is sent via email to download - and there are 4 parts to it:-

    • This is the main eBook that contains all the information you need to set up your own Home File - with tips and ideas on how to use each of the Home File printables also. (45 page .pdf)
    • All the printables you need to printout and fill in to create your own file. (168 page .pdf)
    • This has the same contents as the HOME FILE - PRINTABLE, but also has the added benefit of being a completely fillable .pdf file - so that you can fill in all the pages on your computer if you prefer to create your HOME FILE on there rather than print it out.
    • An Excel spreadsheet to enable you to create your own budget. It is in Excel so that it does all the monthly and average totals automatically once you add in your spending. 


(Please note - all printables are designed to fit size A4 paper)

The Home File has been split into sections for ease:-

  • TO DO 
    • Master TO DO list - get it all in one place so you know whats what
    • Nice TO DO list - for the things you'd love to do - keep them noted down here for when you have time
    • House & Family Goals
    • House Meetings
    • Household Jobs List(s) - Get to grips with what needs doing, and how often
    • Daily Chores Checklist
    • Household Jobs Schedule - 4 week rolling schedule so you can track things easily
    • Cleaning Checklist 
  • FOOD 
    • Meal Plan - 4 week plan - 2 sheets - 1 meal a day and 3 meals a day
    • Favourite Meals - know what to cook when they come!
    • Allergies & Dislikes - know what NOT to cook!
    • Shopping List - food shopping list - 2 variations
    • TO BUY list - list for everything else
    • Weekly Schedule
    • Year Planner
    • Morning Routine
    • Evening Routine
    • Daily Routine - Great for tracking yourself, or for a babys routine
    • A-Z Address Book
    • Birthdays & Occasions
    • Cards & Account Info
    • "In case purse or wallet is stolen" list - know what you have and who to call
  • CAR
    • Car Info Sheet - quick reference sheet
    • Holiday Ideas & Plans
    • Pre Holiday Checklist - countdown so you don't miss anything
    • Packing Checklist - fill it in and know what you need for holidays in the future as well!
    • Holiday Shopping list
    • Ideas for Parties & Events
    • Party Planning
    • Babysitters Info - don't write it out every time
    • Outings & Activities
    • Memberships & Subscriptions
    • Trades & Services - your little black book
    • Household Suppliers & providers - quick reference guide to account details etc...
    • Household Decorating Info
    • Home Inventory
    • Personal Info - a page per person
    • Pet Info
    • What to do in event of..... - fire / water leak etc...
    • If the worst happens....
  • (and space holders for adding RECEIPTS and VOUCHERS)

You can print off each page as many times as you like - use your HOME FILE as the master copy of everything you need to hand on a regular basis.

Does it work?

ABSOLUTELY! – Expect your home life to run so much easier with your new Home File.

I have been using a Home File for many years in my own home, and its invaluable.

When I have been ill, or someone else has had to take over for a few days, they can get everything they need from this file, and the house can run smoothly in my absence.

I have also been updating and perfecting exactly what and how the information is kept – to ensure that its easy to find things, and there’s the least amount of overhead for you to do to set it up.

Basically I have done the hard work for you – now the fun part is creating one of your own using this eBook.

See what others have said about using the Home File in their own homes:-

This book is a genius idea! Within 24 hours I’ve condensed 7 pads of lists and am only just getting started! I have forwarded the details onto to my sister who has little ones and I can see that it will work for her too – Thank you!

 Mrs J R in Beds, UK


Can’t believe how much information you have given

 via Feedback Survey Form


I have had the eBook for a short time it sits in my kitchen and so far so good, i have referred to it quite a few times. I particularly like the weekly planner which i take out and put on the front of our fridge.

 via Feedback Survey Form

Got a question?



When you click BUY NOW you will be taken to my ETSY shop where you can buy this HOME FILE. After purchase you will be sent an email with a download link in it - and that's yours to save where you want.

This is a digital product and it must be noted that no physical item will be delivered to you – you create your own Home File using the printouts from the eBook (the pictures above are of my own HOME FILE printed off and put into a file).

When you have paid for the eBook you will be immediately sent an email with a downloadable link on it. Simply click this link and save the files to your computer.

Once downloaded you are free to print it out as many times as you like – and you can get started filling it in straight away!

The eBook comes in pdf format and you simply need adobe acrobat reader to view it which can be downloaded for free from here



The Home File: Sorted eBook costs just £9.99 + VAT (only if your country charges VAT)

Simply click the BUY NOW button and you’ll be taken to my ETSY shop where you can purchase the item via Paypal or credit/debit card.

ETSY will charge you the equivalent in your currency if you are not in the UK. 



The HOME FILE is made to print out on both sides of the paper - this gives it the best look and feel and stops it being too bulky (or wasting paper).

Simply set your printer to print on both sides (this is sometimes called duplex printing).

If your printer doesn't have this setting, then I would suggest getting it printed at a local print shop for the best overall look. (I have included a Print release form for you to take to show that you have permission to print it off)

(Please note that colours may vary slightly depending on printer settings)

{More printing advice can be found HERE}



I have given lots of advice and tips in the INFORMATION section of the eBook so this should help you to get started - there are also a few posts on the blog about my HOME FILE which should also be helpful - CLICK HERE to be taken there to read more.



If you have a question about this eBook, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thanks so much for taking a look at the Home File: Sorted! eBook - I hope that it has given you some ideas about how you can create a more organised and simpler home life! I really look forward to hearing how you get on...


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