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How long should you keep financial paperwork for, and what papers should you keep? - tips to help work things out once and for all.


Do you struggle with knowing how long to keep your important financial paperwork for? It’s definitely tricky to know for sure whether we can throw things away, but with the ever increasing mountain of paperwork in our homes it’s important to get to grips with it as soon as possible. That’s why I’ve put together […]

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ways to save money

80 easy ways to save money

In todays financial climate we are all looking for ways to save money. We want to find easy ways to maximise our incomings and minimise the outgoings, while still being able to enjoy a luxury or two along the way. Listed below are 80 great ways to save money – quick changes we could all […]

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Are you trying to organise your household budget? 2 or more accounts could make life so much easier - here's how...

Living on a budget – why several bank accounts can help

Lots of people struggle with living on a budget, and budgeting in general. It can be really difficult to make your income last to the end of the month if you don’t create a system that helps, and using several bank accounts is a really good way to help make living on a budget much […]

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This is a reader tip - find out how to save money on your food shopping with this easy trick

The easiest way to save money on food shopping

I am always looking for ways to save money on things around the house, and nothing more so than food. On a previous post I wrote about 30 ways to save money on food which was really popular, and as such some readers have sent in their own tips via the Organise My House Facebook […]

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431. Receipt organising

Reader Tips – How to organise receipts

I want to introduce a new series of posts for the blog – reader tips! Its usually my own home projects and ideas that I am showing you, and so there is a vast array of ideas that others have created and are using well in their own homes that I would love to explore […]

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Money saving tips that can reduce your food bill

30 Money saving tips to drastically cut your food bill

This post is a collection of all the fantastic, and sometimes really simple, money saving tips I have come across over the years, with the aim to help you to save money each and every week on your household food bills. The stats are frightening really – according to an article in the Telegraph last […]

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The 2 week byuing rule - a fantastic rule to save money and time when out shopping - via

The 2 week buying rule…

If you are constantly finding yourself adding items to your home with impulse purchases, then this tip is for you! When we go shopping we often get swept away with the occasion – looking at items we don’t really need, but wanting them, and often buying them. Items that seem like a great idea at […]

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get your income sorted

Getting Your “Income” Sorted! (S.M.I.L.E 3 of 5)

This is the third post in my Creating a Balance Life series – and focuses on Income – Money – anything financial really. In the quest for a balanced life there is one thing that is the foundation that helps us to live. Its one of the basic necessities, but also one that can provide […]

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Top 10 tips to get your finances organised

Top 10 tips to get your finances organised!

Whatever you do with your life, and wherever you live, you have to sort out your finances. Having enough money to live, to pay bills, to buy treats etc… is fundamental to being independent and being able to live a comfortable life. Being able to maximise your money (whatever your income), and knowing how to […]

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