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Bathroom storage idea - creating shelves that really work for all the family needs

Perfect bathroom storage idea

Bathroom storage can be an issue for whatever size bathroom you have been given in your home. Whatever space we all have, it is pretty much guaranteed that there will be plenty of things needed to be stored in this room, and therefore having a think about storage is key – and that’s why I’d […]

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Shower Caddy Storage - part of the product spy series

Product Spy – Shower caddy storage

There are 2 showers in our house, both of which have no built in storage that can be used for storing toiletries when in the shower (oversight from me!). Caddy storage therefore is something I am always on the look out for.

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Sorting the linens and towels - step by step method from

Sorting out your towels and linens…

Most of us have too many items in our linen cupboards. Towels that stay there in case we have lots of guests, or in case we need extras for the beach, or spare for swimming – Linens and bedding that have been relegated to the back of the cupboard because you redecorated last year and […]

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10 tips to organise your bathroom - how you can make your bathroom work better for you

10 useful tips for organising your bathroom

Is your bathroom a sanctuary where you love to go and shower/bathe in peace? Thought not! Most people don’t have this feeling when they walk into their bathroom – but most people want this! And it can be relatively easy to achieve.

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