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Top 7 back to school items for your home

It’s nearly back to school time, and with that can come a lot of disorganisation as schedules change, children are bringing lots of things in and out of the house, and generally things are getting busier after the holidays.

As such I wanted to create a post today to go through a few items that I think will make back to school a lot easier when implemented in your home.

I hope it helps! and as always, please leave a comment if you think of something else that could be added to this list, you may just help another reader which would be great. Thanks in advance x

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Back to school item #1 – Homework station caddy

I think that every home should have somewhere that’s suitable for children to easily get their homework done. By this I mean that everything that they need should be accessible, so there can be no excuses for wasting time or not doing as good a job as possible.

It also creates more time for the fun stuff if they can get their homework done as quickly as possible – and they will all want that!

A few tips would be to have this station somewhere that you can keep an eye on your children, if they need help, or if you simply need to ensure they are getting things done!

In it’s most basic form this can consist of a table and some stationery – and whether that table is a specific one for homework, or if it’s part of your kitchen work surface, or the dining room table – the key is to have everything else to hand.

As such, I LOVE the RASKOG caddy from IKEA:-


Picture Credit - CLICK HERE

The picture here shows it in blue, but it also comes in a dark grey and a cream, so you can find one that goes with your decor, its on wheels which means that you can push it anywhere easily which is particularly useful if you tend to move around the house with where homework gets done, and there are 3 deep sections which would be perfect to house pots of crayons, pens, paper, scissors, rubbers etc…..

Stylish and functional – perfect!

Back to school item #2 – School folder

Schools tend to send lots of paperwork home, and even when they have gone online you will probably find there are still items you want to print out and keep for handy reference.

As such, putting together a school folder can be the perfect way to keep everything together and handy. I like to create a school file similar to my home file – and keep them next to each other in my paperwork zone in the kitchen – that way everyone knows where to find the information they need quickly and easily.

My favourite folders for any paperwork are the Better Binders which you can get from Staples.

420. better binder staples

I LOVE these files for so many reasons:-

  • Plastic on the front and back covers so you can add paperwork quickly here – or a front cover (I usually add a sheet with all contact details on it)
  • Easy open rings
  • Great looking – spine has an area to add your title
  • Lots of different colours so you can colour code or match your decor
  • 4 rings so that papers are more securely contained


Back to school item #3 – A place to display…

All children will bring items home that they have created during the day at school – artwork, certificates etc…. – and it’s a great idea to display them to show that you are proud of what they achieve.

However, not all of use have loads of room to hang everything – so my advice is to be selective, and hang just one or two main items that you can regularly rotate and freshen up.

This product is a great way to display what your child has created:-

420. preview_masterpiece_blue_spot_

Picture Credit - CLICK HERE

Back to school item #4 – Weekly Schedule

You could add a weekly schedule to the front page of your school folder (see item#2), but I prefer to have a schedule on the wall so that everyone can see what’s going on at a glance – this one ** from Amazon (see picture below) would be a good choice as you can change as required, and there’s plenty of space for writing everything.

The only things on the schedule should be all the classes (at school and after school) that your children have. You could colour code for each child so that they can see what relates to them – and it’s also a great way to quickly check what is needed in terms of packing bags each night for the following day.

TIP – You could put the weekly schedule above coat hooks so that you can check before bedtime that everything’s there for the next day (gym bag, musical instrument, books etc….)


Back to school item #5 – Year Planner

Along with a weekly schedule which is mainly to keep you and the family organised on a daily basis, it’s always a great idea to have a more long term view of things – so having a year planner in view can really help to stay organised.

I advise adding things like school holidays, inset days, bank holidays, specific days on the school calendar (fancy dress, sports day, nativity etc…) as a quick guide to what’s coming up.

This is a beautiful planner that I would be happy to have on the wall:-

420. normal_2013-14-academic-year-planner

Picture Credit - CLICK HERE


Back to school item #6 – Hooks!

So simple, and yet so effective for organising school stuff – hooks ** come in very useful!

I advise having hooks** for each child – as a place to hang their coats, school bags, gym bags etc….. when they come through the front door.

TIP – hang at a level that’s easy for each child to use themselves


Back to school item #7 – Pots

One of my challenges last year was to find the smaller items I needed for school easily and quickly – and one thing that springs to mind is spare change for school fairs, charity days etc…

Having a few pots to house things like spare change, hair bobbles and clips, pens for writing notes to school etc…. makes life so much easier – and I added these to my paperwork area in the kitchen as this is the place that’s most easily accessible during the morning get ready for school time.

It’s a simple thing, but once you have created them you will thank me!


Are you ready for back to school? Do you have everything in this list, or can you think of any others that would be useful? Please let me know in the comments below….




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